In the high-glam world of pop production, it can be easy to lose oneself in the glitter and noise. Mothica is one of the rare breed of pop singer/songwriters who can find universal appeal in her words without losing the weight of personal experience that brings it to light, and her fans thank her for that.
Born Mckenzie Ellis in rural Oklahoma, she began writing music and posting covers of her favorite songs (who doesn't love Lykke Li and Fall Out Boy?) to YouTube as an outlet to deal with emotional and physical struggles. While for most of her generation, the quotidian of being a teenager can be difficult enough, she was unique in the regard that she was walking alone the path to stardom whilst learning how to actually walk again after a tragic car accident at 15.

Her perseverance kickstarted her artistic impetus and she began to dive heavily into the atmospheric and dark production she is known for now. Her earliest collaborations began with artists she met over the internet (MACROSS 82-99, Tennyson, bear//face) which spawned songs heavily influenced by vaporwave and EDM and thus earned her a bounty of remixes by other internet producers. She maintains her signature melancholic lyricality and blunted attack throughout all of her music; a thread strung through a seemingly repetitious genre. It's evident that her voice is one that can transport people and transcend genre. Between her two stunningly perfect releases, "Mythic" and "Heavy Heart", Mothica is earning her right to be a staple artist in the industry, shaping up to have a career spanning years.