DJ White Shadow

DJ White Shadow did not grow up in an environment that typically breeds musicians. From a farm in Ohio to Motor City USA, DJWS was surrounded by country music and KISS anthems. Developing his own taste at an early age, DJWS was drawn to the now infamous underground party scene in Detroit. It was there that the beginning of a meteoric musical career was first hatched. DJWS found himself in Japan at the age of 17. What better place to start DJing than a foreign country? You can’t be insulted by an angry crowd if you can’t understand them. However, DJWS did not disappoint his early audience and quickly found his second home in the DJ booth. Upon his return from Japan, DJWS continued to sharpen skills and define his own sound as an artist. Playing countless parties, bars and events, DJWS eventually became a sought after DJ in and outside of Detroit. Setting up base in Chicago, DJWS created residencies in some of the Second City’s best clubs spinning his own brand of dance, hip hop and house. Having refined and sharpened his skills, DJWS was invited to play all over the world, including Las Vegas, NYC, LA, Barcelona, London, Miami and Milan. Corporate clients like Playboy, Louis Vuitton, Google, Nike, Marc Jacobs and Guinness sought out DJWS to get their events popping. Even President Obama’s campaign knew that DJWS was the right guy to make its supporters move.

In the Summer of 2010, Lady Gaga discovered what many had already known, DJWS knows how to make people dance. Hand picking him to contribute to her much­ anticipated third album, Born This Way, DJWS left the booth for Gaga’s production studio. After nearly a year of writing, producing, editing and touring with Gaga, DJWS was credited as a producer and writer of nine of the twelve tracks on a number one album in the world, "Born This Way". DJWS's role was elevated to Executive Producer status on Gaga’s latest creation, "ArtPop", where he was involved in every element of the album including producing and writing 11 of its tracks. With the success of ArtPop’s first two singles, Applause and Do What You Want. (both written and produced by DJWS), he solidified his status as a certified hit maker in the music industry. Because of this, Lady Gaga tapped him again to write and produce her hit single  “The Cure”. Now, In classic DJWS fashion, he has teamed up with My Little Pony to coproduce the soundtrack to their movie due out September 2017. If you haven't heard something that DJWS has touched, that sweet moment is even more inevitable now.