Born and raised in Toronto, Terry Im aka KRNFX grew up in a world surrounded by music.   At a very early age he remembers being hugely influenced by music, and some of his first memories are of him mimicking his father's piano playing and singing.  From that point, his parents knew that they needed to nurture his joy for music and his hunger to create music.  As he got a little older, and through his parent's encouragement, KRNFX learned to play the piano, flute and drums.  

As much as he enjoyed learning how to play piano and the flute, nothing inspired him and kept his attention quite like the drum set did.  The endless possibilities of different rhythms and combinations of sounds captured KRNFX to such a degree, that when there was no drum set to bang on, he would imitate the sounds of the drums with his mouth.  And this, is how KRNFX began beatboxing.

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